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Sulekha Works Limited is the pioneer in manufacturing of writing inks, allied writing instruments and certain homecare products in India. Established in 1934, Sulekha may be considered as a creation of the Self Reliance Movement initiated by Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi during India’s freedom struggle.

Sulekha manufactures a variety of items. The core sector being Office & School Stationery including different types of writing inks, specialized printing and marking inks (both permanent & washable types), adhesives, industrial products, etc. The homecare range mainly consists of products associated with health and hygiene. Sulekha helped several governments from different countries of South Asia and Africa set up their own writing ink and writing instrument-manufacturing units.

The strength and key thrust of Sulekha has always been its high quality and unique products developed through its own R & D. In Sulekha, creative work has been undertaken on a systematic basis in order to increase the stock of knowledge, including knowledge of man, culture and society, and the use of this stock of knowledge to devise products and applications.

Recently Sulekha has also launched 'Swayam Rojgar Yojana' - a vocational training course designed to impart theoretical as well as practical training on different aspects of FMCG and Solar products Marketing. It is a unique learning and earning opportunity designed for young individuals, who are hard working, have good communication skills, want to be self-employed, have an inclination towards entrepreneurship and have an aptitude for marketing.

In 2010, Sulekha launched a range of Solar powered products with an aim to bring light in the homes of millions who are yet to get the benefits of conventional power supply. Of late, Sulekha has planned and executed a couple of Solar projects that are quite unique. A new Petrol Pump named Mondal & Mondal KSK was commissioned in Jalpaiguri district using Solar Power only and it ran only on Solar power for the first 21 days since there was no grid power at the Petrol Pump site.

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