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Sulekha was more than an ink that etched the history of the freedom struggle – it was the life blood of Swadeshi.

Born out of a compulsion to serve the desire of the Mahatma to empower the people with the pen, Sulekha is the story of sacrifice: of the indomitable spirit of self-sufficiency, of a way of life that did not cower before the might of injustice, even as it sought to economically empower the people by creating a product that not only substituted costly imported inks but was also globally competitive in its own right.

In this series, Sulekha pays tribute to those halcyon days when Swadeshi was a way of life and Nationalism was represented even in the ink that was used to write the words that spewed fire against the foreign yoke. Swadeshi was the soul of Swaraj (self rule) and to be Swadhin (independent) was the goal of our forefathers to whom we pay our humble tribute. The naming is deliberate: the terms used, chosen to represent a value system that we continue to believe in and espouse.

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